Motherland holds a significant for a person’s inheritance and future building. Its routes will always be an eternal part of one’s characteristic. To keep Gujarati persons all around the world, in India or outside, Gujrat state Non-Resident Gujaratis’ Foundation (NRGF) has been established by the Government of Gujarat. This foundation is dedicated to maintain friendly and healthy relations between Gujarati people and NRGs(Non-Resident Gujratis)with different collaborative programs. This will help to explore the possibility as to how NRG can play an important role in the development of the state and to identify the areas where Government can be assisted with the help of inputs by NRGs. In a very short span many areas have been identified and implementations are instigated. To facilitate all NRGs to have every kind of are being set up in the state. With the help of pr consultancy from Rajkot, first NRG centre of Saurashtra region has been established at Rajkot.

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